Building a secure and hopeful today, so children facing health issues and poverty succeed tomorrow.

Building a secure and hopeful today, so children facing health issues and poverty succeed tomorrow.

Children’s Place International is part of Children’s Place Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that opened in 1991 during the HIV/AIDS crisis to address the challenges facing youth in Chicago’s underserved communities.

Children’s Place International launched in 2007 to extend that mission overseas by providing access to health and well-being for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. Since then, we have provided in-depth support to tens of thousands of children and their caregivers across nine countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

We embrace equity in all facets of our work. By partnering with local community-based organizations and taking a strengths-based approach, we close the access gap to healthcare, education, and opportunity for vulnerable children.

Children Served

  • In low- or middle-income countries

  • Medically fragile

  • Prenatal through young adulthood

  • Living with family or caregivers

  • Supported through local partners

Health Issues

  • Communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis

  • Non-communicable diseases such as cancers, mental health, epilepsy, sickle cell

  • Waterborne illnesses and malnutrition

  • Social determinants

Targeted Interventions

  • Health

  • Psychosocial

  • Nutrition

  • Family support

  • Emergency aid

  • Education

  • Career development

Our mission is more than a statement. It is a collective calling to dismantle the inequities that cause countless children to needlessly suffer and die.

Guiding Principles

We advance a more just and equitable world so children and youth, no matter where they live, can develop and contribute their gifts to the world.​
We strive to see the whole child, not just their vulnerabilities. We embrace a strengths-based approach, avoiding negative stereotypes and outdated charity models.
We believe people who live and work in marginalized communities best understand their own needs and solutions. We are thus guided by our frontline partners’ goals and approaches to improving outcomes for kids.
We work alongside our in-country partners as equals, drawing on a shared vision while leveraging our strengths to make the greatest impact.
We strive to maintain our program partnerships until our partners’ goals are achieved, recognizing that real change takes time, commitment, and continued resourcing.
We persevere so young people can face the future with hope, dignity, and well-being. We likewise embrace the transformation that collective journey has on our staff, volunteers, and supporters.
We honor the trust placed in us by the children, families, partners, and funders. We manage all resources with transparency, accountability, and efficacy.
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