Child Thrive Haiti

Child from and caregiver from Haiti

Community-Based Partner:

Zanmi Lasante – led by Roland Saint-Cyr and Edna Olivier, Team Supervisors

Child Thrive Program Locations:

Gonaïves, Cap-Haïtien, L’Estère, and Limonade in northern Haiti

Catchment Area:

Around 670,000 people
  • Haiti grapples with one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Haitian youth living in poverty face significant barriers to accessing healthcare and support, compounded by the persistent stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. Many have also lost primary caregivers to the virus.

  • Since 2008, our partnership with Zanmi Lasante in northern Haiti has supported children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS, mental health challenges, malnutrition, and other adversities. Amidst a serious humanitarian crisis in the country, our goal is to empower them to graduate from higher education and attain sustainable livelihoods.

  • Our program provides comprehensive healthcare access and addresses social determinants of health through family medical case management, nutritional support, cash transfers, and more. Additionally, we offer scholarships from primary to post-secondary education, afterschool programs, and career counseling.

  • The university graduation rate in Haiti is less than 1%. We are currently on track for 50 – 70% – a huge achievement by the youth in our program!

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