Every child deserves a healthy, hopeful future.

Each year, millions of children around the world die from treatable or preventable illnesses. This tragic outcome is linked to systemic disparities.


We work with in-country partners to support these vulnerable children in regaining their health and pursuing their dreams – breaking the cycle of injustice.

Our work provides a continuum of services tailored to each child’s needs for lifelong impact:

healthcare provider with child

Stabilize Health

  • Healthcare services

  • Mental health support

  • Case management

  • Nutrition

family support

Support Caregivers

  • Safe housing

  • Emergency aid

  • Savings & other support groups

  • Water and sanitation

students at school

Subsidize Education

  • Primary/secondary school scholarships

  • University/technical school scholarships

  • Afterschool skills development

  • Peer groups

youth with new computers

Sustain Livelihoods

  • Internships

  • Networking

  • Seed funds

  • Stable employment

Every moment matters because every child matters.

Children living in impoverished communities around the globe deserve the same chance to grow and thrive. By providing comprehensive services and building in-country capacities, we can create a more equitable future.

Village family

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