Working to Create
a Better World
for Children in
Extreme Poverty

Where a child is born should not determine whether a child lives and thrives.

This is the core belief that motivates Children’s Place International.

We are an innovative, entrepreneurial nonprofit connecting the American Midwest with the urgent needs of children and families facing extreme poverty and health issues in the developing world.

Our organization channels the Midwest’s financial and technical resources to make a real and sustained difference in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children. We partner with frontline groups in Africa and the Caribbean to implement evidence-based programs focused on the health, psychosocial and educational challenges of impoverished children and families.

Voices of Impact

“When I became really sick I thought everything was over for me. I couldn’t pay school fees or buy food for my children. I couldn’t get to the doctor or the pharmacy. It was Children’s Place that helped me with these things. Now, my children go to school and live like all children live. . .”

A Haitian mother living with HIV, raising two children on her own


Children’s Place International invests in programming to change the life trajectories of children and adolescents. We are especially interested in early childhood and adolescence as opportunities to maximize the impact on a child’s future. We have program experience in Haiti, Guyana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Botswana.

Direct Impact Projects

Direct Impact Projects

Children’s Place International develops opportunities for Midwest foundations and philanthropic groups to make direct investments in evidence-based programing that helps children overcome extreme poverty.

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Global Fellows

Global Fellows

The Global Fellows Program partners with Midwest-area universities, teaching hospitals and nonprofits for pro bono expertise to increase the capacity of frontline child-serving partners in Africa and the Caribbean.

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Healthcare Partners for Access

Healthcare Partners for Access helps healthcare companies create partnerships with international-based nongovernmental organizations to improve health outcomes for children and families in impoverished communities.

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Place the Hope Campaign

This annual campaign allows individuals and organizations to invest in Children’s Place International programs and impact the future for thousands of vulnerable children. It culminates in a celebration each October in Chicago.

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How You Can Help


Change the future for the world’s most vulnerable children by supporting our work.
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Join our community of caring and build partnerships through working with African and Caribbean based organizations.
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