Children’s Place International Direct Impact Projects

Partnering with Midwest Foundations and Philanthropic Groups to Help Children Overcome Extreme Poverty

Children’s Place International provides a range of services to Midwest Foundations and philanthropic groups. We advise on international NGO partnership opportunities in concert with donor giving plans and develop and manage projects to maximize social returns on investment. All of our programs are managed by professionals and a clinical team with long-term experience in the developing world. We can plan and accompany foundation members on scoping and program impact visits so donors have the opportunity to see firsthand the impact of their investments.

Featured Projects

Direct Impact Projects

Anonymous Family Foundation
Chicago, Illinois

An Anonymous Foundation that had long supported children in poverty in Chicago expressed interest in working with Children’s Place International to help address the needs of children in Haiti. With resources from the Foundation, Children’s Place International, in collaboration with Partners in Health Haiti, is implementing a program in four communities with a goal to help children overcome extreme poverty through focused family supports. Elements include microsavings groups, primary and secondary school scholarships, medical case management and nutritional support for severely malnourished children. Results to date: Data collected on a six-month basis indicate a significant decline in malnourishment against baseline, a school participation rate of 88% of program participants at school age indicating overall health, and academic progress of children.

Direct Impact Projects

Konbit Lasante pou Limonade
Columbus, Indiana

Konbit Lasante is an organization focused on elevating the primary healthcare of the community of Limonade, Haiti. Members of the group have long been active and personally involved in supporting this Haitian community. Children’s Place International partners with Konbit to provide access to supportive services and resources for children and families living with HIV/AIDS including case management, nutritional support, housing and sanitation improvements, tutoring, clean water, transportation and access to clinics, medications and other medical expenses. Results to date: 81 children have been enrolled in the program. Despite extreme poverty and illness,over 80% of children of school age pass to the next level each year, demonstrating overall health and academic achievement.

Direct Impact Projects

Rossman Family Foundation and the Civic Leadership Foundation

The Rossman Family Foundation and the Civic Leadership Foundation (CLF) are on the forefront of empowering underserved young people in Chicago to become successful leaders. In 2010, Children’s Place International began working with the Rossman Family Foundation, CLF and Haitian partners to adapt and pilot their pioneering afterschool program curriculum to the Haitian context with a goal to prepare Haitian youth for successful career paths. The model includes three components: empowerment through entrepreneurship, civic leadership through project development and implementation, and ethical centeredness through cohort development. In 2014, the pilot was successfully completed with results against baseline indicating that on average, participants demonstrated improved confidence and leadership ability as measured by the VACO test, improved grade averages, and selection and pursuit of a career path. The program is now being scaled up in three communities.